This year in cliff notes

I wrote this on December 29th and it has been in draft ever since. I am on top of it!! Now I will have to update again since its been 4 months. Pure craziness.

It has been one crazy year. When I think about how it is already over I pretty much have an oh shit moment every time!

Let’s recap.
I have an almost eight month old. Eight month old?! Where did those three months off work even go???
I have a three and a half year old. That girl has grown up sooo much in the last six months it is crazy!
I have reconnected with my husband. Sounds lame-o?? It’s true! After baby numbers two emotions are high, hormones are high and being pleasant towards the hubby takes some work. 😉
I went through a super fast labor. I mean, induced at 9 PM and baby by 4 AM! That kid was ready.
We took a vacation over Thanksgiving and got to spend time on the beach and hello, not work!!

If only I could think of more exciting stuff to write about but I don’t have much in me. I’m all tapped out 😉 I will just have to re-read and update with all my oh so witty comments!


That is the advice I want to, and totally plan on giving my good friend who is about to have her first baby. She’s usually a pretty modest person and doesn’t like to talk about that kind of stuff. Now maybe it is because we are work friends so there is a still a little apprehension about talking about boobs and nipples and what not, but really we have talked about way worse than that! 

She’s planning on breastfeeding and as I’m feeding this little chunk of mine I’m thinking of the days when we would visit the lactation consultant. And the days of the nurses in the hospital, where they just grab your boob and help put the kid on there. I’m pretty sure in the first six months of my children’s lives the labor and delivery nurse, post partum nurse and lactation consultant got more action on those babies that my husband did. I think I’m supposed to be sad about that or something, aren’t I? For his sake?? Shhh.

Now my friend, she’s a little weird about some stuff. Sharing things or used things or I’m sure the fact that people will just want to grab her boobs to help her feed her baby. I’m just picturing her when the labor and delivery nurse is trying to help her breastfeed for the first time, you want to what? And you are going to see what? And you are going to touch these? Even after the girl gives birth to a baby she would she still ask these questions 😉 I will give her what warning I can, you know, that she’s about to be fondled by strangers. Luckily for my sake I really didn’t give a crap, so hopefully that will end up being the case for her too. Embrace the love.

So that’s where I have been these last few months. Going crazy in good ways, bad ways, if it is possible to be good crazy!

Things most certainly are BUSY. The blog that was so frequently updated (HA HA) just always seems to get forgotten. Good crazy? Things are crazy busy, the kids are good and I’m in love with my family. My little baby boy is almost five months old and almost seventeen pounds!! The little chunk. My baby girl, a three year old not so much a baby, is in preschool a couple days a week. She is still a queen whiner but sooo funny. And the husband is still around, so I guess I’m not too too much of a crazy B 😉

As for the bad crazy – we have a little post partum anxiety depression going on. There was a horrible five days where I seriously was convinced I was going to die, or end up in a coma, and I would just sit there and cry. I knew they were crazy thoughts, I just couldn’t shake them! I like to say I’ve officially gone crazy. My husband always knew it, it has just been confirmed. Got me some meds and feeling better and better! The weirdest part was it didn’t show up till he was almost four months old, which I didn’t really knew happened.

That is all this crazy in a nutshell. I totally intend on catching up on my favorite two blogs here any day- you know who you are! The only two that read this thing I think, if you are still around 😉

Let’s talk about these. All 3 very unrelated items, but the excitement of what is happening in my life right now.

New deck. Hmmm. This one I’m a little torn on at the moment. We decided to forget about a vacation this year and go for a new deck instead. (Why oh why did I ever agree to that again??!?) Now I’m excited to have the new deck, triple-y excited when it is complete, but that means completely unavailable husband for the whole weekend. The whole flippin stinkin long arse thing, yes only a normal two day weekend. This means I feel bad for my daughter, who is still undeniably and unbelievably cute, that may at times just talk a little too much and ask the same question a million times. And then maybe I’m not the nicest mommy of the land. But those baby blues and I love you moms sure do help my sanity factor.

New diet. I have decided I am officially sick of my body so Weight Watchers here I come! More like I have been for four days but here I come sounds sooo much cooler. With my daughter at this point postpartum I was already down below my pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m a little bitter about it this time. Guess I should have exercised or something this time too, huh?? Next pregnancy when I’m complaining about being too tired and lazy too exercise remind me of this right here. And the plethora of stretch marks that decided to show up this time, those little bastards.

New brain? Maybe? Last week that sweet little boy, and he is super sweet I tell you, slept for 8 and 9 hours straight a couple nights. I was SHOCKED. When I woke up I went in his room to make sure he was breathing, standard first sleeping through the night move! I almost wrote a post titled ‘Please don’t be a growth spurt please don’t be a growth spurt please don’t be a growth spurt’. I’m thinking maybe it was because after that was a 5 hour night, but we are back up to around 7. Not bad for a two month old breastfed baby! So that has really helped my tiredness and I almost have the feeling of a normal brain again… Like I can think of stuff outside this house and my little kiddos and husband. It’s kind of nice actually. Maybe I will be a better friend to some I feel like I have totally sucked to.

All pretty exciting stuff, huh? Can’t wait to hear more? Check back, I’m sure I will put something totally interesting out here and you’ll check back every day in anticipation! 😉

And that’s why all of a sudden it goes from the beginning of June to almost the Fourth of July. How does that happen, seriously?! Half the time I can’t remember what my husband and I talked about the day before. Half the time I’m cracked out on sleep deprivation and can’t make a decision for the life of me. Dinner? HA! I think someone could suggest dog food and I would say okay.

Whenever anyone asks me how it is going the first thing that comes to mind is, I don’t know how SAHMs (stay at home mom for those of you not up on the lingo) do it! Seriously, I don’t. I give you all the props in the world. It is quite an adjustment going from working full time to being home all the time and with two children! And as they say nowadays, three years old is the new two years old (Read – they are a whole heck of a lot harder at three than two, and she is almost three so it counts). Five more weeks and I’ll be crabbing that you SAHMs have it so easy (I don’t believe that though and still give you all the credit in the world) and work is killing me and I never get to see my kids and pumping sucks. Which from a pumping perspective anyone that can just put the baby to the boob all the time really DOES have it easier, I stick by that one!

Well… that post just went from Twilight Zone and me wondering how it got to be the end of the month to me bitching about who knows what. Cue the Twilight Zone music and walk away from this post wondering what is going on in this crazy mind of mine….. 😉

When I had my first baby my sister made me a carrier similar to a Mei Tai*. I never actually used it with my daughter, maybe because she was older when I got it or maybe because I just wasn’t into it. I really liked the sound of it though! Wear your baby, they are being held and you have both your arms and hands. What a concept!

So this time around I thought I have to try it for multiple reasons… I could really use both of my hands to do stuff around here, chase around a toddler, try and keep this house somewhat in order, just not have to hold a baby all the time (this one LOVES to be held), and when I am in public the more vain reason that I can use him and the wrap to cover my belly. Winning reason right there!

I tried the Moby Wrap first and we were in love, both of us hit by Cupid’s hearts and arrows**. By the time we got to the entrance of the zoo the kid was already asleep! Here am I today husband and toddler free, writing this post and avoiding cleaning the house, and I thought I might as well try the Mei Tai to see if there is enough head support and I can use it when he is this young. I look up online how to tie it, put it on, and within five minutes the kid is asleep!! I didn’t have to bounce and shoosh and swaddle and rock and walk and repeat for fifteen minutes or longer. I know that is all part of having a baby but honestly, who wouldn’t want to wear their baby when it makes getting them to sleep and naps this easy AND you get both your hands!?!?

*How perfect it has the same name of a drink, which totally entices me. I mean you can’t go wrong with that!
**Yes, in my world Cupid shoots hearts and arrows, not just arrows. It sounds better.

That’s what the midwife had to say about this delivery. From start of induction to end? Five hours and forty minutes. Quite different than my daughter (who wasn’t induced but late) and quite different than the overly drawn out painful induction I was worried about. Thank goodness!! Seems as if this boy may have come on his own in the next day or two and once we started that process he wanted OUT. I still kind of sort of can’t believe it’s a boy! A perfect little boy.

We are adjusting here. Sometimes it seems like it is too easy and other times I feel like I am taking care of a toddler or a newborn or a house 24/7. My daughter still loves her baby. She gets excited every time she sees him, even more excited when he is awake. Not a fan of when she got spit up on but hey, it’s part of having her baby. 😉

My husband may want to be killed and may want to kill me at the same time. We’ll get through that too! Though he may not, if he makes the comment ‘and you want three or four kids?’ again. I don’t think we can say the first 3 weeks are really indicative of the rest of their years. Mind you I say this all with a smile and I would never complain about my dear sweet husband. (I really can’t, he helps out quite a bit!)

Oh and did I mention I can drink beer again?! Mmmmm.